Just last week I started to get that sick feeling that things are going to get worse. My mind took on a life of its own as worry and anxiety crept in. Instead of spiraling down, I called a good friend Luis Angel Diaz who works all around the world teaching people how to free themselves of pain. Luis said something that I want to share with you:

“Marlene, it’s all energy. Just move some energy.”

Want Clarity,Connection and Truth? Move Energy

Drama is any obstacle to your peace or prosperity. Drama manifests as overwhelm, worry about finances, disconnection, and looking for “the answer” outside of yourself.

Most interesting is the non-physical components of drama which includes the mental, physical, and spiritual energy as well the relationship component: (How you view yourself and how you view others.)

Losing Joy, Clarity, Connection and Truth
When drama is present you always lose joy, clarity, connection and truth. For example, isn’t it true that you lose joy when you watch way too much TV? The stock market is crashing, people are losing their jobs, relief is no where in sight.

Too much media has you believing you are not enough. You need plastic surgery to keep your youthful appearance.You need to be skinny to be acceptable. Your breath is bad, your arm pits stink, and when all else fails just get some Viagra. (Well…OK, maybe some TV is necessary.) ha ha.

Too much time on the Internet influences you to believe in ideologies not grounded in whole truth. For example, many on the Internet would have you equate spirituality with being a millionaire. (If you aren’t making it big, it must be your belief system or your level of consciousness.) Instead of “rightfully dividing” truth it’s easy to get sucked into half truths and assumptions.

When priorities are out of order you will see an imbalance that looks more like an addiction than a work ethic. Such is the constant striving to bring in high six figures and seven figures, promises to finally give you more freedom, more time, and luxurious lifestyle you really deserve.

The reality is more time is consumed and more individuals are bleeding money trying to figure it all out, suffering, losing their purpose, comparing themselves to others, and losing connection with what is really important to them.

If any part of this resonates with you, here are four tips to help you move energy.

1. Make Relationships a priority

2. Unplug

3. Create Rituals

4. Lighten Up

Make Relationships a Priority
After surveying hundreds of professionals, the the results show that 75 percent of us believe heaven on earth means more time with friends and family. Relationship are one of the greatest sources of energy renewal. The same is true at work. If you are a boss and you want higher productivity, focus on building a great relationship with your staff. High productivity is correlated with good boss-employee relationships.

According to Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, authors of “The Power of Full Engagement,” too much TV watching correlates with anxiety and low level depression. In addition, too much virtual reality via the Internet is a big time waster. Take one full day off from the computer and the TV and see how much time you really have. You won’t believe how much clarity comes once you unplug and opt for present reality over the virtual kind, which leads to my next point, create rituals.

Create Rituals
Rituals free up your energy because once you get into a positive habit (think teeth brushing, and morning exercise) you no longer have to think about it. For example, what if on the first Friday of every month you meet with friends for dinner and conversation. No planning necessary…it’s a ritual. Consider the idea that on either Saturday or Sunday you keep the computer off and instead journal and meditate. Now you don’t have to spend mental energy “deciding” how to use your time. HINT: If you find it difficult to keep the computer or TV off for a whole day it’s likely you are addicted. (If that statement made you feel defensive, there’s another red flag of addiction.)

Lighten Up
Have you become so intense on making your mark in the world, meeting other people’s needs, or struggling to survive to the extent that you have forgotten how to laugh? Have some fun, do something crazy. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Self-absorption drains energy and prevents you from taking positive responsible action.

Now that you’ve moved some energy, don’t you feel better? Let me know your successes.

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