RELATIONSHIPS : It always gets back to YOU!

RELATIONSHIPS : It always gets back to YOU!

Your Relationship with yourself is the center and from there everything happens. If you have a relationship with yourself  based on criticism you’re going to criticize yourself, you’re going to criticize others, and you’re going to attract critical people in your life. That happens on all levels; Whatever you do inside yourself is what you do to others and what others do to you. Because those are the waters you are swimming in. If you are swimming into yellow water everything around you is going to be yellow

There’s a question that we don’t have to answer now but maybe we can hold it because I have a feeling that it will come up with later but one of your neighbors in Grass Valley is asking for suggestion on how to work on other peoples projections. What’s really going on there?

Well I would like to center our talk today on the foundation that if you really want a transformation in your relationships you have to stop trying to change other people. Stop teaching other people what they have to do or how they have to do it. It´s about yourself. If someone is seeing projections on you then they are probably judging you, if they are judging you then you must be judging yourself. That’s why you´re  attracting people who say those things to you. Again, it always goes back to you. If you put things in order in your house, you´re going to realize that everything starts dancing differently around you. The first thing is awareness. You have to realize that your bed is in the kitchen, that your toilet is in the bedroom, and the refrigerator is in the backyard. You need to realize that you need to change things around in order to function. So that’s awareness. But awareness is not enough! You need a plan to make the changes. But that isn’t enough either. You have to do it!

Transcript from the Webinar “Transforming Personal Relationships” with Luis Díaz:

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  1. anne says:

    whenwe have a lot of critism in our lives,you say it is a reflection of our self critism,,,,what about being in an intensive school curriculim,and yiy are constantly sritized, and sme is good to know,while others just feel like a nagging teacher, are these all coming to me cause I need to leard?do I take to heart there critisms?I used to be a rebel,,,trying to tone it down

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