No matter how deep the challenges are that you meet in life, no matter what limitations you face, there is the possibility for you to permanently free and heal yourself. If you are seriously willing to heal yourself, then you are capable of getting to the root causes and allow transformation and healing to take place at all levels.

Cellular Memory Release (CMR): is an effective, practical synthesis of tools for accessing and freeing the trapped, stagnant life force held inside your body. The crystallization of this life force within the cellular memory of your being is the root cause of most manifested life imbalances, be it physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. There is a vast intelligence in you just waiting to set you free. It has the wisdom to heal, the knowledge to share, and the information to help show you how to live life at your maximum potential.

The three pillars of CMR

1- Self-Knowledge: who you are? what are you here for? who are you here for?
2- Self-Healing: exposing negative programming, undoing emotional knots, healing the wounds from the past.
3- Self-Empowerment: aligning your deepest values with your gifts and talents, in order to live your real purpose in life.




Removing blockages and obstacles: There is an urging within all of us to know a permanent peace with whatever it is we face, but somehow we feel blocked from or unable to access what is truly our soul’s birthright. Just as our potential is trying to come out, we seem to be shut down by unconscious programming. These unconscious strategies are generated by old fears, traumas and wounds that are stored within the cellular memory. We make decisions about ourselves and others and carry out behaviors based on those negative patterns. This dynamic only reinforces and strengthens the unconscious smokescreen that leaves us unaware of the real cause of our afflictions and illnesses. We were never taught a healthy way to get in touch with our own unique truth and face our emotions directly.





Sessions in CMR: Through carefully guided personal sessions, lies the opportunity to transform our fears into peace allowing the process of healing to begin. As we unveil and release what is no longer serving us in the present moment, we open the door to newer, lighter and healthier possibilities of living. The vast intelligence within you never manifests what you cannot overcome, and it is longing to set you free. Be one of many who are benefiting from this pioneering work. Sessions will empower you to embrace and heal the fullest expression of your authentic self.