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In this course, you'll learn to apply to yourself an emotional healing process to help you resolve and leave behind old physical and emotional imbalances. Through this process, you will have access to valuable tools to get in touch with your unlimited potential as a human being.

The CMR Process is easy to learn and apply and very practical as well. As you apply it on yourself, you will feel lighter and will experience more health and vitality. You'll also notice a change in your relationships, especially with those that are closer to you.

Some of the Main things you will Learn:

  • How to re-connect with your cellular memory and get the messages from your body.
  • How to release toxic old emotions stored in the cell memory, using the PBR-Pain Body Release process.
  • How to uncover and de-activate the personal lies in the belief system that creates the toxic emotional blockages in us.
  • How to re-connect with our internal navigational system.
  • How to do emotional healing on yourself and transform inner fragmentation into inner peace and wellbeing.
  • How to find clarity and support in yourself while releasing the old emotional blockages behind the behavioural patterns
  • How to effectively maintain the changes made as you go, in time.

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From the moment of birth, and even before we are born, our relationships form the very fabric of our lives. Relationships are of utmost importance to us as human beings, as they provide us with love, support, meaning and a sense of belonging.

But all too many of us suffer from disconnection and communication breakdown in our relationships. With the best of intentions, we try to fix our relationship problems ourselves, but we often lack the skills to make any real changes, and fall back into painful and toxic patterns of arguing, resentment, blame, guilt and emotional isolation.

The reason why we find it so difficult to heal our relationships - whether they be with our parents, relatives, children, friends, teachers, classmates, work colleagues or neighbors—is because we have never received the emotional education to understand the most important relationship of all—our relationship with our Self.

Now You Can Learn How to Heal Relationships


10 recorded video classes
delivered every 7 days
with Luis Angel Diaz
creator of the CMR Process

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Cellular Memory Release (CMR) by Luis Angel Diaz is a comprehensive and easy-to-learn system of emotional education, which shows you how to understand and access the wisdom you already carry within yourself, so you can restore intimacy, connection and communication in all of your relationships, both personal and professional. It does this through awareness and practical skills to reprogram emotions, belief systems, past conditioning and behavior patterns so you can create healthy, meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

AND, if you are a professional who works with people on a daily basis, such as a therapist, teacher, counselor, HR or employer, CMR Fundamentals of Relationships gives you the foundational tools for supporting others in developing better relationships. This course is also the pre-requisite to enable you to progress onward to the next level, CMR Training for Practitioners.


  • TEN 90-minute, recorded video/audio classes
  • Audio downloads of every class
  • Exercises to practice in between classes

A FREE 30 minute consultation with Luis Diaz upon completion of your 9th class!


Who is Luis Angel Diaz?

Creator of the CMR process and founder of CMR International, Luis Angel Diaz is the bestselling author of Memory in the Cells: how to change behavioral patterns and release the pain body. He is arguably one of the world's foremost authorities on emotional healing. With qualifications in dozens of different holistic therapies, Luis has been an traveling teacher and a health practitioner for nearly 30 years, working with thousands of people internationally. A major shift occurred in his work at the age of 38. The shock and pain he experienced became a catalyst for a profound inner process in human discovery wherein he discovered how layers of negative emotional charge accumulate and become stored inside our bodies. These blockages cause many body-mind chemical imbalances and challenges to our health and lives that prevent us from experiencing peace and wellbeing. Luis compiled his learning into a new set of techniques called "Cellular Memory Release" (CMR) which is the foundation of his book Memory in the Cells. He has trained and educated thousands of people internationally, and both clients and practicing professionals have attested to the positive impact CMR has had upon their own lives and the lives of others.



Class 1 – Fundamentals of Emotional Alignment

  • The 4 Pillars of Healthy Relationships
  • Identifying the ways we create disconnection
  • Understanding human values and needs
  • Understanding the Pain Body
  • Activating our Inner Guidance System
  • Practical exercises: Pain Body Release
  • Open Q&A

Class 2 – Fundamentals of Mental Alignment

  • The 3 A's of transforming your relationships
  • How perception generates connection or disconnection
  • Ways to increase your power of observation
  • Discovering the "Personal Lie"
  • Healthy versus toxic beliefs
  • Practical exercises: Discovering Your Self-Image
  • Open Q&A

Class 3 – Healing the Roots of Our Relationships

  • Understanding the Tree of Relationships
  • How to clear emotions in the roots of your tree
  • Ancestral information, DNA and genetic conditioning
  • Pre-natal, birth and early childhood programming
  • How Self becomes fragmented by pain or trauma
  • How guilt and shame affect our physical body
  • How to change unconscious conditioning
  • Practical exercises: Healing Inner Fragmentation; Recover Lost Parts of Self
  • Open Q&A

Class 4 – Overcoming Stagnation in Our Relationships

  • Understanding loss, the grieving process and their effects upon us
  • How to release underlying grief and loss
  • Understanding true forgiveness
  • How to forgive yourself and others
  • Letting go of the past and learning to be present
  • Practical exercises: Completing the Grief Process, Effective Forgiveness
  • Open Q&A

Class 5 – De-Activating Toxic Patterns in Our Relationships

  • Understanding the two sides of the brain
  • Understanding brain integration
  • The physical, emotional, visual and auditory levels of beliefs
  • The link between toxic beliefs and unwanted behavioral patterns
  • How our beliefs impact our relationships
  • Practical exercises: 4-Step Process to Deactivate Beliefs
  • Open Q&A

Class 6 – Re-Programming for Enjoyable Relationships

  • How to apply effective brain integration to install healthy programs
  • Daily techniques to change the way you connect with yourself and others
  • How to access the unlimited wisdom and resources you have within
  • How to make decisions that keep us aligned with what we value the most
  • How to look within yourself to find the answers to questions and doubt
  • The physical, emotional, visual and auditory levels of behavior
  • Practical exercises: 4-Step Process to Reprogram Behavior
  • Open Q&A

Class 7 – Communication for Deeper Connection

  • How to bring conscious communication to our relationships
  • Natural communication versus habitual communication
  • How to use a generative language to create deeper connections
  • How to set boundaries with authenticity and compassion
  • How to overcome the toxic habit of withholding
  • The power of vulnerability in our relationships
  • How to build trust, connection, growth and deeper intimacy in our relationships
  • Practical exercises: How to Ask for What You Want; How to Make Mutually Beneficial Agreements
  • Open Q&A

Class 8 – Overcoming Rescuing and Being Rescued

  • "Rescuing" and how it hurts our relationships
  • How rescuing can manifest in our health and emotions
  • How to identify when we are rescuing others
  • How to identify when we are allowing others to rescue us
  • How to get rid of the rescuing patterns in our relationships
  • Practical exercises: Self Enquiries to Identify Rescuing in our relationships
  • Open Q&A

Class 9 – Integration

  • Review and of previous work and exercises
  • Overcoming emotional debt, guilt and shame in our relationships
  • How to release patterns of judgment and criticism
  • How negative self-judgment affects our connection with others
  • How to deactivate judgments using brain integration corrections
  • Practical exercises: 4 Steps to Transforming Old Patterns of Judgment
  • Open Q&A


To see if this program is for you and meets your needs,
request a FREE 30 minute orientation meeting with Luis

I feel so confident that you will be able to learn how to release the pain body and transform the old belief patterns that have been affecting your life, that I offer you a:


If you are not satisfied after practicing and applying
the exercises that you've learned up to the 4th class,
you will be entitled to request a full refund.
- Luis Diaz

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