We now have a complete line of training courses in CMR to meet a wide range of needs

Duration: 3 months ONLINE

Since the moment you register to the CMR Facilitator Training and while you wait for it to begin, this course is the first step for all trainees in the CMR Facilitator Training.

These 10 classes course is offered by Luis Diaz, the creator of the Cellular Memory Release process.

He will hold your hand while teaching you how to apply the CMR basic tools to yourself for your own healing and transformation.

The classes are all online and consist in 10 recorded video-classes and email coaching with a CMR tutor/facilitator.

When you successfully complete CMR Fundamentals, you will receive a certificate of completion, and will be ready to progress on to CMR Practitioner Training any time within 1 year of completion, should you so desire.

Click here to read the complete class description for CMR Fundamentals online and begin the journey.

Duration: MODULE 1 (6 months)

Pre-requisites: CMR Fundamentals Course

Would you like to add these cutting edge tools to your professional practice?

Or would you like to learn the basic CMR process to use it with you love ones?

This is the first module of the CMR Training and it's designed for those who are interested in learning how to apply the CMR Basic process to others or want to enhance their professional practice applying CMR.

In order to achieve this goal, it requires interactive practice with other students via phone or online.

This first module consist in 12 recorded video-classes and 6 live group coaching with Luis Diaz, the training’s creator.

During this module, students will receive support in different ways:

- They will report their practices to a personal CMR mentor, who will give them individualized feedback.
- They will receive two private full CMR sessions from their mentor as well.
- Twice during this module, they will meet with Luis Diaz to go through the trimestral Self Evaluation.
- And from the beginning, they will participate in an online group 24/7, where they will receive immediate answer to their questions.

When you successfully complete CMR Practitioner training, you will receive a certificate of completion, and are eligible to progress on to CMR Facilitator training any time within the first 1 year of completion, should you so desire.

Duration: MODULE 1 (6 months) & MODULE 2 (6 months)

Pre-requisites: CMR Practitioner Training

This training is designed to give you the CMR Advanced comprehensive skills, knowledge and confidence to be a fully qualified CMR Facilitator.

The year long training (2 modules) includes:

- 20 recorded practical video-classes,
- 10 live Q&A group coaching meetings with Luis Diaz, the CMR training’s creator.
- interactive practice with other students and non students,
- personal feedback from assigned personal mentors,
- 4 personal CMR sessions with a CMR Facilitator and
- 4 personal Self Evaluation meetings with Luis Diaz,

When you successfully complete CMR Facilitator training, you will receive a certificate stating you are a Certified CMR Facilitator, form CMR International; which you can display in your professional practice.

The Certified Facilitator Training is designed to give you the Advanced skills and use the CMR technique with others AND to build a business around CMR. Therefore, this course also gives you support and training to expand your practice utilizing Conscious Marketing to support the growth of your business.

The combined result of receiving sessions and practicing the CMR Advanced skills, you will work through the blockages that affect you professionally, including your relationship with money and your fears around being showing up in your community.

As a CMR Facilitator, you will receive supervision and mentoring, along with referrals and professional support from the CMR International database. You can use it One on One in your office or online or as a teacher, if you choose to work with groups.