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These sessions are a unique opportunity to spend time with the creator and founder of CMR-Cellular Memory Release and the PBR- Pain Body Release processes. Due to his teaching and writing activities, Luis Diaz is currently working with a limited number of individuals for one-on-one sessions by telephone or in person. During these sessions, he will guide you to connect deeply with your body and yourself. That will expose the cellular memory programming, the belief patterns and the self-image you still cling to, that prevents you from healing and realizing the truth about yourself. In those inner places, you will find the main obstacles that prevent you from accessing your unlimited potential for peace, freedom and joy in the present moment.

In these comprehensive and confidential sessions you will access three main levels:

1. Healing the wounds from the past

Here you will heal what happened in your past that is and has been conditioning your life in the present. This level of intervention is designed to teach you how to deactivate old structures that cause conflict and suffering.

Your past includes experiences that you have had in your childhood, inside the womb and even before conception time. It also includes the trans-generational conditioning received from your ancestors with their talents and deficiencies. After releasing those patterns, you will be able to leave your story behind.

Transforming the future by honouring the past

While being proactive in transforming the old patterns, you will learn how to develop and grow in the state of conscious awareness. You will have the opportunity to transform issues related to the areas of inner growth, health and wellbeing, vocation and profession. We also want to highlight the area of relationships, intimacy and sexuality, since there is so much suffering and confusion about it.

At this level of intervention, you learn how to maintain the changes made. Conscious changes empower you and strengthens your inner guidance. Therefore they affect the way you make decisions in the present that will define your future. Our future gets transformed in the present moment, when you wake up to the thought patterns and beliefs that have been conditioning you for life.

Thought patterns generate assumptions, beliefs, decisions, expectations, interpretations and judgments. During the CMR sessions, you will have the opportunity to release those patterns and learn a compressive process to liberate yourself from your personal and social conditioning that will lead to a life of authenticity and freedom.

Awakening to you authentic self

The state of presence is summoned and re-visited through the whole CMR process to deepen and maintain the state of conscious awareness. As you become used to living and being in that state of conscious awareness, the possibilities to live a more authentic, compassionate and joyful life increase.

You can take CMR sessions personally or by phone

Each CMR session lasts about one hour and a half (90 min) and is done by telephone or in person at Luis Diaz’ office wherever he is at that time. He usually travels and teaches in different locations.

You may or may not have an issue to bring to a session. The theme of a session could be anything that you would like to change, improve or transform in your life. You might be going through a challenging situation and need clarity to make an important decision; or you might want support with a vital question regarding your inner work.

A CMR session is unique and unfolds in the moment. You may or may not have an issue to bring to the session.

Luis Diaz is the creator of the CMR process and he says that this work is meant to be practical. Therefore he ask us to avoid bringing to the sessions our intellectual or philosophical discussions which only will stimulate your logical mind and most of the time will create more confusion. If you are just curious or you have the desire to discuss and talk about the theory behind CMR, the private sessions are not the place for it. There is plenty of information being offered in Luis Diaz’s book, Memory in the Cells in the CMR videos and through CMR Activities we offer.

Important Details about taking sessions

  • Body-mind integration is vital to live a complete life and to get in touch with the real power and freedom that resides in us. During these sessions you will learn how to get in touch with your inner body and to live your life from there.
  • When you decide to take the first CMR Module you are entering into a relationship with Luis Diaz for a certain period of time. He wants you to know that he is just a guide and facilitator and he will support you throughout your journey. He cannot do it for you, and without your active participation, the CMR process loses power. Luis Diaz is not there to counsel, advise or fix your situation. He is not going to analyze or judge what is going on. His work is to travel with you as you open yourself up to deeper levels of awareness and healing.
  • The brain is not the only place that holds memory. Our body has all the information written in the cells. CMR-Cellular Memory release is a process that happens through the body and its feelings, emotions and sensations.
  • CMR sessions are done in the sitting position. During the whole session you will be present and awake, able to make decisions and in control of your mental functions.
  • You are the one that will set your intentions in your first session and you will review and modify them as you continue with the work.
  • Between sessions you will have practices to do. You will always have the opportunity to agree or disagree to any practice that is recommended to you. If necessary, you may be given assignments to complete between sessions.
  • After your first session, you will have Luis’ personal email and phone contact information in case you need it in between sessions. You will be able to contact him via email up to two times in the period between the sessions.
  • The CMR process is not hypnosis, psychic work, nor is it counseling or talking therapy. No one can really tell you what it is like, since each session is unique and depends on the person doing it. The best way to understand it is to go through the experience yourself.

But if you want to see how CMR is done, you may watch the CMR DVD’s available or read the last chapters of Luis’ book, Memory in the Cells where several sessions are described in detail. There are also several YouTube videos where practitioners and clients of CMR discuss their experiences.

Our Confidentiality Policy

All personal information and any details of your personal life revealed during the course of a CMR session are completely personal, private and confidential. Telephone communication during a CMR phone session is only one-to-one, and cannot be overheard when they occur


Luis Diaz recommends several things that you can do to be prepared for your first session and get the most of the CMR experience.

Choose two of these several options:

  • Read the Release the Pain Body e-Book.
  • Watch Awakening the Joy Body by transforming the Pain Body DVD
  • Attend the “Cellular Memory Intensive” weekend or any other event we offer about transforming the pain body. It could be a workshop or a web class.
  • Read his book, Memory in the Cells.

Preparation for the day of session

Both sessions, in person and over the phone will be more effective if you:

  • Eat lightly and drink plenty of water the day of the session. Also, have a bottle of water with you.
  • Bring a note pad and a pen to take notes at the end of the session.
  • Dress in comfortable clothes. You may want to take your shoes off. You will start your session in a sitting position and you may lay down if your prefer it.

"10 Points" preparation list for phone sessions

Taking the time to prepare the environment and handle the practical details will allow you to be fully present during your phone CMR session.

During the session, Luis Diaz will take notes that are used to support you in your process. After your sessions and to your request, Luis will send you an email with the most relevant useful notes, statements and exercises for your review. These notes are used to reinforce the CMR process to ensure better results.

After booking your session, you will receive an email entitled "The ten point preparation list" with the following information that will help you get ready for your first CMR session.

The process is simple and straightforward:

  • You will call on the designated day and time Even though this issue will be discussed when booking your session, it is always very important to be aware of the time difference due to time zones.
  • Ensure you have a quiet, private space where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the session. That is 90 minutes approximately. We encourage you to arrange for privacy beforehand, and to close the door of the room. This also includes having no one within listening distance while you are doing your CMR session.
  • Disconnect any telephone that you are not using in the room. Likewise, avoid multi-tasking of any kind – including television, computers, pets, childcare issues, cleaning, and the like.
  • Check your telephone. - Turn off any call waiting features you may have on your phone.
    - Make sure your phone battery is charged.
    - Make sure that your long distance plan is up-to-date.
  • Speaker phone or headset is recommended to free both your hands. If you don’t have them it’s ok, the session can be done anyway.
  • Eat lightly and drink plenty of water the day of and after your session. Being hydrated facilitates the changes enormously.
  • Dress in comfortable clothes. During the CMR session you might want to take your shoes off. You will start in the sitting position but you may lay down at any time if you choose to.
  • Things you need with you before the session: - a note pad and a pen
    - tissue paper
    - a hand towel
    - a bottle or large glass of water
    - a small waste basket
  • Sit quietly for a few moments before the session and connect with the issue you want to work on.
  • Enjoy it!

"Most of my sessions are by phone. The greatest reason for this popularity is that they are as effective as in-office face-to-face work in most instances, and in many instances they can be more effective. I truly enjoy the connection that happens with my clients in a phone session. It’s the same when working in the office. The reason for this comfortable and reassuring feeling could be that I have witnessed so much success through CMR telephone sessions, I convey that confidence and security that it is a natural part of CMR for me."

- Luis Angel Diaz, creator and master practitioner

A FREE 60-minute initial CMR by phone discussion is available for you to request. This gives us the time to get acquainted, review your goals and challenges, and determine if the CMR Process is the best fit for you. It also gives you the opportunity to feel confident and comfortable working with Luis Diaz before investing in a CMR Module. Click the menu tab above right to make your request for an orientation meeting.

Phone sessions are easier and more convenient

Many people find it of great benefit to conduct a phone session in their own home, rather than traveling to another location. Not having to deal with rush hour, parking, traffic and gasoline price issues are all huge pluses for most people. The phone sessions provide considerable savings in terms of time and travel costs, and offer much greater flexibility for scheduling. Even some people who live a short drivable distance away prefer to do their CMR sessions on the phone.

Sometimes it is simply easier to talk

about certain awkward or sensitive topics on the telephone rather than in-person and face-to-face. A topic might make someone feel embarrassed because of its personal and private nature. When doing CMR by phone, the client enjoys a unique sense of privacy and protection. There is a sense it is easier to address difficult topics while “working alone but together” with the facilitator.

Phone sessions often improve focus

for the issue at hand. Some people are at first skeptical and reluctant, but after doing a phone session, they report benefits from a greater focus than is possible where visual and audio distractions can occur in an office. Distractions are essentially absent when the phone CMR session is conducted in a familiar and comfortable location, unless, of course, the home environment is noisy and disruptive.

How to schedule and pay for phone sessions

Luis wants to be sure that the CMR process is the best fit for you. It is important that both you and Luis are a good fit so that you get the most out of the CMR process during your sessions. That is why we first need you to request a FREE 60-minute orientation meeting with Luis. This gives us the time to get acquainted review your goals and challenges, and answer your questions about CMR. It also gives you the opportunity to feel confident and comfortable working with Luis Diaz before investing in a CMR Module. Click the menu tab above right to make your request for an orientation meeting.

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