Experience the CMR Process

Luis Angel Diaz has developed a practical and effective process for emotional education and healing. Known as the CMR process, it is a cohesive and integrated system to transform core beliefs that causes discomfort, disease and suffering in us.

Luis, has more than 25 years of experience in healing and empowerment and is trained and certified in several modalities in natural and alternative medicine.

The foundational techniques of the CMR process were developed from its own life experience which you can read in his book "Memory in the cells, how to transform behavioral patterns". There, you´ll also find information about the CMR process.

What makes the CMR process unique and different is:

  • It is a process of healing and emotional education that you can use now and for the rest of your life.
  • It puts you at the driver’s seat of your own self awareness and healing without expecting others to do it for you.
  • There are several tools among which you can choose and apply depending on the situation that you're going through.
  • It is easy to learn because it is a natural process. You were designed to do this work and you can rediscover and verify it quickly!
  • It focuses on the body, emotions and mind working together in an integrated manner.

If you want to read the biography of Luis Diaz click below:

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Personal Sessions are an opportunity to reach deeper levels of awareness and healing with the support of personal faciltiation by Luis. When you feel stuck or challenged, it can be a great way to receive the push you need to break through into your maximum potential.


The entire story of the CMR process, case studies, and practical exercises can be found in Luis' books. An international bestseller, Memory in the Cells is currently in its 3rd publication, since its release in 2006!


Watch and learn about important aspects of the CMR process. This includes testimonials from participants and health professionals.


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