It’s amazing to see that even though we’re in relationships all the time , we don’t have any sort of education about them and we don’t know how to deal with them. We find ourselves in all sorts of confusing situations, conflicts, misunderstandings, power struggles, sometimes abuse, criticism, violence, and drama in general.

We’re not going to focus on any specific type of relationship today because we have a plan for the year to meet once a month for these free conferences. So today we’re going to be covering different aspects of relationships that we have every day as human beings. We are in a relationship with the planet. We are in a relationship with our neighborhood, with money, our jobs. Everything is a relationship. We are in a  relationship with the divine, with the sacred, with spirits.

Even though we are in relationships all the time we don’t have an education about them. So that’s what this is about. Emotional Education is about healing ourselves from the wounds created by misunderstandings and patterns from the past that have created so much pain in our ancestral links and what we pass on to our children. There is a way to stop that, and a way to change that, but it requires commitment and dedication. This is not a magic pill. We have work to do. We have to get into the business of healing ourselves and helping our families to heal.

Pretty much everything moves from there, It´s really amazing to see what happens when you make a change in yourself. There are several questions here that I put together because they all ask about the same thing. Self-healing, Committing to your own transformation. It is possible. I did it myself and I’m still doing it. You’ve been doing it. I’ve been seeing many people in trainings and consultations for many years and it is possible. The changes are happening. What you cannot foresee is what is going to happen after the change because the transformation of yourself means the transformation of your consciousness and of your awareness. There’s a shift in your perception of yourself and your life and you can never predict what will happen when that healing takes place.

Transcript from the Webinar “Transforming Personal Relationships” with Luis Díaz.

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