Subconscious Mind Controls Our Life

Subconscious Mind Controls Our Life


  1. Debbie Magee says:

    Thank you, Luis. Your continued work is much needed.

    If any of you have read David R. Hawkins’ work, he does calibrations on consciousness through muscle testing. Through this type of research he has determined that 78% of humans are BELOW the calibration of 200. ABOVE 200 begins the levels of TRUTH and POWER. With the scale of Consciousness being 1-1000, those under 200 are in the attractor fields of total illusion which deals with force, survival, aggression and dominance. Only when the consciousness level rises to 200 and beyond can one begin to experience the attractor fields of REAL POWER and REAL LOVE.

    So DO THE MATH, Luis Diaz’s work affects the MASSES of HUMANITY (78%) where it is much needed. I support his life’s work, all of our lives’ work, in raising the consciousness of humanity and relieving suffering on this planet. Help others to “Crossover the Threshold of 200” and beyond. Luis Diaz’s work will help with that very personal experience.

    DM in Texas

  2. This is actually the kind of information I’ve been trying to find. Thanks for posting this information.

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