Self-Responsibility vs Victim Role

Self-Responsibility vs Victim Role

How to Detect When One Is Playing the Role of Victim
  • We react unconsciously to everything.
  • Our mind constantly creates situations full of anxiety or worry.
  • We think, interpret, and analyze (inwardly or outwardly).
  • We deny what we feel (“Everything is all right,” “There’s no problem,”etc.).
  • We suppress our emotions (with rigidity, contractions, tensions, and illnesses).
  • We tend to engage in dramatic situations and with dramatic persons.
  • We permanently speak about what “should” and “shouldn’t” be done.
  • We complain about ourselves and others.
  • We inwardly or outwardly judge, criticize, accuse, and blame anyone.
  • We repeat past situations again and again in our mind.
  • We find it very diffi cult to forgive, and keep very old resentments.
  • We want to take revenge and “collect debts.
  • We resort to our painful past when having to act or make decisionsin the present.
  • We are afraid of the future and of what it may have in store for us.
  • We rehearse again and again what we shall do or say.
  • We aren’t aware of the present and ignore it completely.

For each trait that is true for you, do the following:

  • Acknowledging what I feel: “I’m scared, angry, sad, excited, enthused,attracted by …”
  • Localizing the feelings: realizing in what exact part of the body the sensation is localized.
  • Permitting the feelings: moving oneself, shaking oneself, stretching,emitting sounds, etc.
  • Intensifying the feelings: amplifying to the greatest possible degreewhat one feels.
  • Breathing into the feelings.

I take responsibility for my life.

“Be oriented to your true self, not your self-image.” – Deepak Chopra


  1. Imelda Barrera says:

    Desde hace dos días que me enteré a través de ti que atrás de la fibromialgia esta el enojo me he permitido sentirlo y con este ejercicio hasta temperatura tengo pero me siento liberada.
    Muchas gracias. Te quiero mucho. Besos.

    • admin says:

      Que bueno lo que me cuentas.
      El enojo en el cuerpo produce muchos dolores, y que la naturaleza del enojo es lastimar…

      Un abrazo,


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