Do you know why negative feelings are valuable?

Do you know why negative feelings are valuable?

Do you know that negative feelings are valuable?

In this video, Luis Diaz shares with us, the need for emotional education and how to use negative feelings to guide us through life.
Luis Diaz is the BEST SELLER author of ‘MEMORY IN THE CELLS, how to heal behavioral patterns and release the pain body’ – Newly translated from the popular Spanish edition, Memory in the Cells is where Eckhart Tolle meets “What the Bleep Do We Know?”, taking you on a much more practical journey. While those books tell you the “what”, Memory in the Cells teaches you the “how” of working with the “Pain Body” so you can transform it into the “Joy Body,” using step-by-step lessons and exercises. It is a book of emotional education and healing, where readers learn what being in a body actually IS, how to create an active partnership between mind, body and emotions, and how to heal all aspects of their lives, from physical health, to relationships, to inner peace.

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“Emotional Healing at the Cellular Level”
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