Pain Body Release (PBR) Example Videos

PBR is one of the most important processes in the CMR synthesis.

Luis speaks about the pain body and begins the session

He also talks about the shadow and the inner map conformed by the joy-body and the contractions created by the pain body in us. The life force gets trapped into the contractions and generate all the physical, emotional and mental dysfunctions that we know. After few minutes, he starts the PBR Process with a volunteer from the audience that won the lottery. This woman has been depressed for many years experiencing financial problems, fear and low self confidence.

The process of going into the body and doing the pain body release process

Luis facilitates the client going into her body using the main steps in the PBR Process. Being present, allowing, grounding, intensifying and see what happens. Here, you can see how the layers of negative emotional charge open one after the other to allow the stored information to come out. The clients body releases through movements, sounds and emotions the trapped force in a deep state of presence.

More of the session and its completion

The session reaches completion here. Luis facilitates the client meeting the joy body in herself and a source of power and energy that the client didn't know that she had. She realizes how her patterns have been affecting all her life in a new way that allowed her to transform them.

Short testimonials and conclusion with Luis

The client gives her testimonial about how the PBR process helped her to change and transform her patterns of hiding and fear of showing who she is. You can hear how her joy body arose after the transformation happened. Finally, Luis closes with a conclusion about how our programming controls our life and shares his vision on how we can use this process to help each other. He also gives tips of how to troubleshoot the process when there is resistance to do it.

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"It wasn't just depression I was having;
it was anxiety, fear and all the rest...
I thought that was just the way it was,
and everybody else seems to have it!
Your eSeries brought a TON of clarity to why I feel the way I feel.
I see how awareness is important, but also,
to release it from my body... it was like nothing I felt before.
This kind of work is truly a gift to me and everyone I know.
Thank you, Luis!"
BM - San Clemente

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