An easy alternative to live events

If you are someone who values

  • the ease of learning from a comfortable place.
  • learning the basics of this work and how to apply it.
  • the convenience to come back to the information and explore at your own pace.

then, web classes are definitely for you!

Thanks to modern technology and the internet, we have the ability to interact and teach through a series of web classes that we have put together and have made available to the world. It doesn't matter where you are on the planet. As long as you have a good internet connection and audio speakers/headset, you will be able to get all our insights as if we were right there.

What you need to do to sign up for a web class is

  • Choose the class series you wish to attend from the calendar (if they are available).
  • Click the sign up button to go through our registration process.
  • Activate your seat in the class when we send you the invitation link from our service provider, go2meeting.com

Current Schedule of these Events

Please leave your information below and we will be sure to notify you of these activities! Click here for the full calendar in english!

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