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FOUR Audio Classes on
Healing at a
Cellular Level

with Luis Angel Diaz

One of the world's foremost authorities
on emotional healing

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Healing at a Cellular Level

Audio 1: What is Cellular Memory Release?
Audio 2: How Beliefs create our patterns and behaviors
Audio 3: The Pain Body creates dysfunction and discomfort
Audio 4: Self-condemnation is slow suicide

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In our society, we have been raised to operate primarily "inside our brains" and have lost connection to who we really are. Because of this, we carry around a toxic mix of fear, shame, guilt and beliefs that we are flawed or incomplete. The result is suffering and pain at so many levels--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

What's more, this pain becomes a part of our societal and genetic makeup, and gets passed down from one generation to the next. Luis Diaz's free audio classes will show you both how to undo the damage from this genetic programming, and heal your emotions at a deep, cellular level.

If you've heard about the "pain body" or "quantum healing", but didn't know how to apply them in your life, this 4-part audio course will give you the anwers.

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Here is a breakdown of what you will learn in each audio course:

Course 1: What is Cellular Memory Release?

  • The brain is not the only one that holds memory
  • The complete blue print of our life is in the DNA
  • The value of connecting w/ our feelings and sensations.
  • The addiction to think and the disconnection from the body.
  • The power of beliefs and unconscious assumptions.
  • Practical exercise to find the neuropathway behind the toxic pattern.
  • Addictive physical and emotional patterns written in the cell memory.

Course 2: How Beliefs Create Our Patterns and Behaviors

  • We live in 3 levels. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Being present to our thoughts.
  • Our life is like a tree. The health of the tree depends on the roots. If the roots are toxic that tree is not going to bear fruits.
  • Our thoughts frequently create emotional toxicity.
  • Our inner dialogue creates the vicious circle of thoughts, feelings and sensations in your body.
  • Are you addicted to a particular feeling?
  • What is the benefit of feeling a negative feeling?
  • We were told that negative feelings are bad and we shouldn't have them.
  • Feelings are part of our guidance system; without them we are lost.
  • Our feelings are pointing to our values and needs.
  • Practicing the NNR process (Neural Net Re-patterning).

Course 3: The Pain Body in us creates dysfunction and discomfort

  • Introduction to the Pain Body release process. Releasing the energy contractions.
  • Facts about the pain body. The Pain Body is the accumulation of past pain up to this moment.
  • The pain body can be transformed into the Joy Body.
  • The value of connecting with our feelings and body's sensations.
  • The pain body wants drama; and drama abounds in most of relationships.
  • Exercise to recognize the joy body.
  • Exercise to recognize the pain body.
  • Q & A about chronic anxiety and fear.
  • Ringing in the ears and the connection with fear.
  • The importance "to speak my truth" and the connection with the blockages in the neck area.
  • How teeth and jaw problems, ears, headaches, sight and speech problems, sinusitis and thyroid can be pain body blockages.

Course 4: Self condemnation is slow suicide

  • Why this subject is so relevant for our healing and transformation?
  • Our nature is unconditional love to ourselves and to life in general.
  • We grew up swimming in an ocean of negative judgement and criticism.
  • A child who is raised with negative criticism, will become a joyless, stress out, insecure adult.
  • The Inner critic: The addiction to self condemnation creates stress and anxiety.
  • How we revive ancestral pain through self condemning labels.
  • The power of toxic labels and unconscious inner dialog.
  • Our fear to be authentic: how shame, guilt and hiding are part of the same pattern.
  • Ways to detect self criticism in us through the way we behave.
  • You will learn a practical tool to start deactivating the pattern of self condemnation.
  • How do we handle critical people?
  • Healing happens when we bring unconditional love and acceptance to self.

Who is Luis Angel Diaz?

Founder of the Body-Mind Center in Nevada City, California, Luis Angel Diaz is a holistic therapist and bestselling author of Memory in the Cells: how to change behavioral patterns and release the pain body. He is arguably one of the world's foremost authorities on emotional healing. With qualifications in dozens of different holistic therapies, Luis has been a holistic health practitioner for nearly 30 years, working with thousands of clients in Argentina and California. A major shift occurred in his work when he lost his wife unexpectedly at the age of 38, with whom he was raising their 3 children. The shock and pain he experienced became a catalyst for a profound inner process in human discovery wherein he discovered how layers of negative emotional charge accumulate and become stored inside our bodies. These blockages cause many body-mind chemical imbalances and challenges to our health and lives that prevent us from experiencing peace and wellbeing. Luis compiled his learning into a new set of techniques called "Cellular Memory Release" (CMR) which is the foundation of his book Memory in the Cells. He has trained and educated hundreds of people about CMR, and both and clients and practicing professionals have attested to the positive impact CMR has had upon their own lives and the lives of others.

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