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eSeries #9
Discover your own neural pathways

Hello friend,

We’ve been practicing going into the body and accessing the feelings and sensations in the ever changing energy field that keeps us alive.
We’ve also learned how to start the PBR process in ourselves and gently release the pain body and activate the light body.

Today’s eSeries will be more focused on the mental aspect of this game of transformation that we call the CMR process. Today is about the beliefs that we keep repeating unconsciously inside of ourselves and that keep triggering the same behaviors and events in our life.

Science and beliefs
Modern science has compared the human brain with an extraordinary center of command that processes data coming from different places in the organism. Our brain houses billions of cells called neurons; it is said that there are as many neurons in the nervous system as stars in our galaxy! These neurons join in neural pathways, and all neural pathways constitute what is called; the neural net.

Every known behavioral pattern, habit, addiction and compulsion follows this neural-energy pattern, and the repetition of these patterns creates an energy resonance in us. A resonance is an unconscious pattern that manifests outwardly the same reality with which it internally resonates. If we repeatedly use the same thought patterns every day, those inner relationships are strengthened and the same emotional reactions are produced over and over again.

As a consequence, we attract in the outside world those frequencies with which we internally resonate.

Through the repetition of the same patterns, a self-image is created in response to the injuries we have suffered in the past. Other names used to describe this same concept are ego, false personality, false self, or mask. This self-image is composed of numerous beliefs that control us and that we mistake for reality.

Some of those beliefs are unconscious assumptions that tell us “who we were” and “what life is or should be” for us. If I deeply believe that “nobody loves me” I would provably feel an undercurrent sadness and fear in me, regardless of how much I accomplish or how great my life is at the moment.

The positive behind the negative.
I’ve verified many times while practicing Cellular Memory Release, that behind a negative emotional state; there is always a positive motivation. I would like you to verify it for yourself.

When you experience a frequent negative emotional state (let’s say “sadness” as an example), ask yourself the following question:
“Is there is benefit in feeling sadness?” Or “what is the good side of feeling sad?”

If the emotion is “anger”, ask yourself: “is there any benefit in feeling angry, and if so, what is it?”

Keep asking yourself what the benefits are and you will be surprised at the results that you’ll get. You’ll easily uncover the chain of beliefs that you’ve learned in your formative years.

For example, you may say:
“the benefit of being anxious is that I am more productive
and the benefit of that?...
is that I am a more responsible person;
and the benefit of that?...
is that I am a better father;
and the benefit of that?...
is that I feel worthy;
and the benefit of that?...
is that I can be more calm and relaxed.”

So, to be calm and relaxed, I need to be a responsible person and to be that I have to be anxious!
Each time I want to be calm the chain reaction starts and I end up being anxious. The more calm and relaxed I want to be, the more anxious I get.

The more we trust a toxic belief, the more we activate the false self image.
We become that belief.
The more we live our lives from a false place, the less real and authentic life we have. We've been designed to be authentic and real and the less real we are, the more contractions happen in our system. The more contractions that we have, the larger the pain body grows. And the larger the pain body is, the smaller the light body is. As a consequence, we may experience more suffering and less joy and peace in our lives.

What I like about NNR is that anybody can run their own neural pathways on their own. And once you learn how to do it, you can run multiple chains of beliefs and that is really exciting!

Exercise - Run your own neural pathway

  1. Get a pen and paper.

  2. Search yourself for a frequent negative emotional state. It may be frustration, fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, shame, guilt, overwhelmed, tired, depressed, scared, irritated, jealous, resentment, etc.

  3. Ask yourself; “What’s the benefit of it?” As I did in the example above.

  4. Ask the same question as many times as you need until the positive words appear.

  5. Remember to stick to the benefits. We know already the bad side of these emotions!

  6. Ask yourself, “Where did I learn this pattern?"

Enjoy it!
The next eSeries will delve deeper into these neural pathways.
Until then!

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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