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eSeries #6
Four steps to start changing habits and behaviors

Hello friend,

During the last e-series we explore toxic beliefs rating them from 1 to 10. Remember?
Now I am going to ask you to choose a statement that has a lot of charge for you.
One of those that you put a 9 or a10 next to it. Follow the steps below to start deactivating the charge that is holding the belief alive and well.

Remember that:
- beliefs create feelings and
- feelings create the behaviors.
- the repetition of a toxic behavior leads to more pain body.
- the pain body feeds and activate the mind with more toxic beliefs
- and the wheel goes on an on.

As we could see in the pond's metaphor, adding clean water to the toxic one, won't help much. That is one of the reason why I've found that affirmations hardly ever work. What is your experience with them? Do you agree with me?

In the CMR-Cellular memory Release process I teach that there are four steps to changing behaviors:

1. Awareness (Becoming aware that there is pollution)
What is the pattern we want to change? What happens in me when I am repeating this pattern? How do I behave? What do I do or say? What do I not do or say? What is my posture like? What is the inner dialogue or what is my mind saying?

2. Deactivation of the pattern in the body (Draining the toxic waters)
using the Pain Body Release process.
What happens in my body when I am repeating this pattern?, Where is the charge (NEC) located? What sensations do I have? Where in my body? Are they familiar to me? What feelings do I have? Where? Are they familiar to me? What sounds can I make when I feel like this? What movements does my body want to make when I feel like this? Do I have any images or memories coming?

3. Deactivation of the pattern inside the mind. (Finding/fixing the toxic source)
using a belief system repatterning technique.
What beliefs are behind this pattern? Where are they coming from? Do I have any idea? How did I learn them? From whom? What would my life be like without these beliefs. Are they true? Are they really 100% true? What is the evidence that they are no longer true? Am I willing leave them behind?

4. Reprogramming the new pattern. (Filling the pond with clean, fresh water)
What will happen if I update this programming? What am I afraid of when I think of this pattern going away? What will happen if I no longer believe these beliefs? What beliefs do I need to have to support the new pattern? What would my life be like if I live it from the new set of beliefs?

Journal about all these questions and get more clear about the pattern and the beliefs that create them. An excellent way to become aware of the patterns and the neuropathways is to journal about any challenges, negativity, conflict, etc. a few times a week. Then review your notes a few times a month, checking to see if any patterns emerge. They are much more easier to recognize after journaling about them.

To get deeper into this, explore the neuropathways using the Neural Net Repatterning technique.

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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