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eSeries #5
The power of what we believe

Hello friend,

In e-series #3 we discussed the parable of the pond and how the pain body and the beliefs behind it are the main causes of pollution (dysfunction/suffering/pain) in us.

In summary we said that:
  1. Toxic beliefs generate negative feelings in us. (I am unworthy)
  2. Negative feelings create undesirable habits and behaviors. (shyness, low self confidence)
  3. The repetition of those behaviors generates Negative Emotional Charge/NEC in the cells of our bodies.
  4. Accumulated NEC creates the pain body. (Physical discomfort, emotional, postural and physical problems, relationships drama and financial chaos)
  5. The pain body feeds and generates a negative inner dialogue.
  6. That inner dialogue feeds and activates the negative image of ourselves and its toxic thoughts
  7. The toxic thoughts became our beliefs when we own and believe them!
In CMR/Cellular Memory release we use the PBR process to help us get rid of the emotional toxicity accumulated in us and we usually feel much better after doing it. But this will not be enough if we want to come back to the light body. We must also find, deactivate and release the thinking patterns associated with the beliefs that created the painful pattern in the first place.

Now, let's take the time to explore some of your beliefs.
What are beliefs?

Beliefs are:
  • Thoughts patterns that we get used to.
  • Strong opinions that we own and believe.
  • A way to convince ourselves that we know the right way.
  • Not true. Believing them make them real for us.
  • The foundation of the decisions we make about ourselves and others that control us for the rest of our lives.
These strong opinions control us and we may kill others or ourselves because of them. Like the most sophisticated computer, our mind is an amazing device and it will follow exactly the thoughts that are programmed in it. If our mind holds toxic beliefs in it, it will be difficult for us to have an enjoyable life journey. The mind's way is to do things in the "right way" and the right way is always following what it believes!

Have you observed how many times we prefer to be right than to be happy? How many times we have chosen to be right than to be free or at peace? Our mind's programming tells us that there is only one right way to do things and if we always believe it without any investigation, it will lead us to the same spot again and again!

If we want to change undesirable habits and behaviors, we need to investigate and change the source of the toxicity that most of the time resides in the beliefs that we have.

Try it for yourself:

Exercise - Uncovering toxic beliefs

Download the following list and rate
yourself from 1 to 10.
1 being "I dont agree with this statement at all," and
10 being "I agree 100% with this statement."

I advice not to stop while you are reading them. This exercise is more effective the less you analyse the different statements.
Read each one and immediately rate yourself.

Move to the next as soon as possible.

Click here to download the list.

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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