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eSeries #4
How to transform pain into peace

Hello friend,

In the series before, we talked about the fact that we are all energy, the light body and the parable of the pond. In other words how our energy field gets unconsciously polluted by energy contractions. What keeps these contraction strong and well is the state of denial and our resistance to feel what is uncomfortable.

When we grow up and become civilized adults, we tend to forget that we must allow our organic system time to process pain or discomfort naturally. In adulthood, we have already become masters in the art of resisting or eradicating it and, above all, we have forgotten how to transform it. If we want to recover the fresh, loving and lively energy field we had when we were children, we must unlearn what we have learned, go back to square one, and establish new habits for treating pain.

Exercise - Transforming suffering into fulfillment

Feel the physical pain or emotional discomfort that is present in you at this moment. You may also think of an experience that happened that left you feeling down.

Allow it to be, with all its force. Listen to the inner dialog that sets in. If any thought comes to your mind, let it be.

Observe the mind's habit of avoiding discomfort analyzing, or of telling stories. Pay attention to your body and its sensations. Keep up your sensations and feelings such as they are. Watch in what part of your body the sensation is.

Let the body work through those energies while you witness the process.
Observe what the body does (any inner sensation or feeling, any associated thought, etc.) without trying to control it.

The pain body usually has various deep and thick layers of contracted life force. Perhaps you will experience waves of intense feelings and/or sensations alternating with periods of calm and relaxation.

Let the pendulum effect act as many times as you may need. You may change from discomfort to pleasure. Trust the natural intelligence of your body. You are neither one extreme of the pendulum or the other, but the neutral point permitting the pendulum to be.

You are that which witnesses.

The above may take from a couple of minutes to a half an hour or longer. After entering the pain body, take some time alone to integrate what you experienced. You may lay on the floor or the bed for a while, and then write it down in your notebook. To transform the energy contractions we call "pain," we need attention and presence. When we pay attention to what we feel is uncomfortable or painful, we can become more conscious of sensations and feelings, as well as of our thought patterns and the beliefs that feed them. From this place, we can begin to unravel them. This is an extremely simple process, though it may seem difficult at first, partly for lack of practice, but mainly because we've been trained to judge, resist and fight the uncomfortable or painful.

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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