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eSeries #3
The parable of the pond

Hello friend,

In the last e-series I shared with you the power of connecting with your original design, your light body, and promised to start exposing the obstacles that prevents us from living our lives from that place. In order to do that, first I will tell you a parable.

"Once upon a time there was a large pond that became lifeless for no apparent reason. It used to be the most beautiful pond in this public park and everyone was very proud of it. Boulders and many flowers and trees surrounded it. The geese and ducks would raise their chicks there while sharing the place with all sort of multicolor birds and fishes. Parents would bring the children to visit the pond and spent hours enjoying the aromas, the sounds and the scenery. No one knew what really happened, but in a few months, the waters turned dark and stinky and the life of the pond gradually disappeared. All the fish died and the birds left, probably looking for a healthier environment. The authorities in charge of the park were very confused, not knowing what to do and decided to ask for help from a couple of experts. After studying the situation thoroughly, the first expert said: "if we manage to bring the fresh clean water from the nearby spring, in a few months we'll have the waters renovated and the life will come back to the pond. That's my advice". The other expert thought for a moment and shaking his head said: "I don't think that will solve this situation. We don't know the cause of the problem here. We may have contamination coming from different sources; dark waters, chemicals, you name it. What's killed the life of the pond once will continue doing it if we don't stop the cause. I suggest investigating the water composition to find out what is causing the pollution. After that we'll need to empty out the pond, fix the source of toxicity and then refill it with clean, fresh water. It may take more time and work but it'll take care of the problem for once and for all. That is my advice".

That's the story. So, which advice would YOU follow?

I always ask this question during the events that I offer and unanimously people go for the second choice. And I agree with them. Even though it may be more work at the beginning, it will pay in the long run.

In the last e-series we mentioned that the light body turns into the pain body for different reasons. In CMR-Cellular Memory Release, we have a lot of information about this human phenomenon Eckhart Tolle calls the pain body. But in this case, what we call the pain body is the pond in the state of pollution. It's the toxicity accumulated in us and we'll feel much better after we clean it all from us. Although in my experience, this won't be enough if we want to have a sustainable healthy pond in time. We must also release the thinking patterns associated with the beliefs that created the pain in the first place. These patterns are the source of pollution that completely killed the life of the pond in the story.

So, doing emotional release without changing the beliefs that create the pain, is like draining the toxic waters out from one end of the pond while somewhere else the pollution keeps pouring in, undetected. This can be a never-ending work for some people. In my experience working with Cellular Memory Release, I have learned that two things are necessary and complementary:
  1. draining the pond through releasing the pain body, and

  2. finding the toxic beliefs that create the pollution in our lives.

What we believe create feelings in us and those feelings trigger our unconscious reactions that became our habits and behaviors for life. Unexplored beliefs are the main source of pollution that inconspicuously kills the life in us and creates the pain body.

For instance, let's bring up one of the beliefs that most civilized adults have to deal with nowadays...
"I am unworthy".
Does anybody else have this belief?

I used to, for almost half of my life. This is a toxic thought that the more we believe it, the more we may feel sad, afraid, alone and frustrated. As a result, an undesired behavior of self-exclusion and shyness may overcome us. In some other people, the same thought may create resentment and an uncontrollable need to "prove myself", behaving irritable and bossy. We can see this version in many people in charge of others like parents, teachers, managers or bosses. Do you know anyone like this? I am sure you do. The repetition of the negative feelings and the uncomfortable behavior affects our energy field with layers of compacted Negative Emotional Charge. The accumulation of this charge is the source of the emotional pain body.

At the same time, this pain body feeds our minds and an inner dialogue happens. This is what I call the inner commentary; a voice that tells me what life is like and what I should do about it based on past experiences. Because the pain body has its own way to perceive life, it distorts what we see and we no longer see what is really happening; we see through the colored glasses of the pain accumulated in us!

Is this familiar to you?

Now is the time to start making all this practical. Remember: AWARENESS is the first step towards an effective change. Without awareness, change is an illusion.

Exercise - Becoming aware of the patterns that create suffering

Take a moment for yourself and breath deeply two or three times. Exhale with a sound. Now, look into the most important areas of your life, one by one. Take your time.

Choose the one that bothers you the most.
- Your Family relationships
- Your Intimate relationships
- Your Friendships
- Your Health
- Your Finances
- Your Career and Profession
- Your Purpose and Meaning in life
- Your Spirituality

What undesirable habit or behavioral pattern do you notice that is more prominent in that area?
Is there a way in which you think or act differently? Again, choose only one.

How does it affect your life and the lives of those you care most? How do you feel when you think of it? Where do you feel that in your body? What does it feel like?

You are just gathering information to increase your awareness. Write down in a notebook what is coming up for you. Don't judge what you write. Put it out as if you are trying to make space in you.

Becoming aware of toxic patterns is the first step for any change to happen. We'll keep deepening with the pattern you have chosen in the e-series to come.

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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