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eSeries #2
The Light Body

Dear friend,

The light body is what we naturally are.

The light body is the fundamental and basic energy that created us and gives us strength. It represents love, connection, optimism, trust, enthusiasm, and an infinite sense of freedom. It is a force flowing with life, not against it. And the good news is that it abounds.

The light body is in:
  • the cycle of the seasons,
  • the orbit of the planets,
  • the irrefutable order of the universe,
  • our heartbeat and breathing,
  • the processes that heal and maintain our body.
When this energy flows freely and unobstructed through all the body-mind system, we can have access to it. Perhaps you have already experienced that. We feel the light body when we simply enjoy something, when we are peaceful or calm without any motive, when we feel love without any apparent reason. The light body loves, shares, plays, dances, creates, is grateful, enjoys music, children, tranquility, nature, and animals. Looking at the open, innocent eyes of babies we can connect with what we really are in the depth of our being, under or before the layers of contracted energy that generated the pain body. If you spend some time watching babies, or in contact with nature or animals, and are present to what is happening to your body, you'll have a great preview of your light body. You will notice that when the personality (or self-image) is absent, there's no resistance to the present moment, and things flow. Then the light body manifests itself, and this manifestation is always a blessing. The expression "light body" describes what exists under the pain body, or more precisely, before it. The less pain body there is at a given moment, the more light body we experience. We adults have many opportunities to feel the light body.
  1. A musician might experience it while composing a melody or playing a piece. In that case, the melody flows through her as if there was nobody there and the music was merely "played".
  2. Sometimes, sportsmen and sportswomen experience this flowing when they feel that the match is played through them, effortlessly, carefree.
  3. A couple may experience the light body when, for an instant, they forget any concept or feeling of separation and neither one of them knows where his/her body ends and that of his/her partner begins.
But the light body is not the piece of music, the match, or the surrendered lover.
It's frequency is not a state of being that--like the pain body--might be triggered by an outer stimulus. It is the basic matrix of our human design and it cannot be lost or destroyed.

Like an old friend said 2000 years ago: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew, 18:3)
It is no wonder that sages and masters of old have always praised children's innocence and have taken it as a reference for inner work and the development of consciousness. Even helpless, naked and bald, even wet and sitting in a soiled diaper, even when they cannot keep their head upright or walk, babies are joyful and free beings, very close to the pure manifestation of the light body. The body-mind system of the newborn is highly sensitive and receptive. Her life is mainly dedicated to absorbing new experiences, and like a sponge, open to what life offers her at each moment. At one moment she's completely happy and five seconds later she's crying inconsolably. However, anything that emerges for the infant, whether "good" or "bad" feelings, are wholly felt and acknowledged, because there is no value judgment.

They are masters in feelings.

Exercise - Connecting with the light body

Choose a time in which you can relax and be quiet. Close your eyes and imagine a place in nature where you feel at home. It can be a real place that you remember or an imaginary one.

Visualize yourself there alone, with nothing to do and nobody to talk with. Breathe slowly. Make a list of the sounds of that place, of its smells and of the heavy or light atmosphere surrounding it.

Take notice of your body. How does your body feel in that place? How does your mind feel? Go on breathing slowly. Stay there for a while, and see whether you experience your light body.

How do you know that?
Look for any feeling of peace, love, joy, lightness or spaciousness. If you do, it's likely that you have begun to remember your own self.

In the next e-series to come, we'll explore the different factors that affect our connection with our light body and prevent us from experiencing love, freedom and peace in our lives. We will also learn several ways we can change them and return to our original design.

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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