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eSeries #11
The self-judgment game

Hello friend,

The question today is:
Do you beat upon yourself?
Are you playing the game of negative
self-judgment and self-condemnation?

In my experience it's one of the main causes of conflicts, confusion, suffering and health problems. Let me tell you what I've learned both with myself and with the many people I've been working over the years.

* Each time we make a negative judgment about any aspect of ourselves—such as our physical appearance, mental traits or emotional attitudes—the body-mind system (that is essentially positive emotional charge) goes immediately "on the alert," since we’re telling it that there is something wrong or at fault.

* At the same time, the system begins to search in its database of the past—the cellular memory—for something attuned with the error it has just been held responsible for. These flaws can be remembrances of its current life or old genetic information, sometimes dating back many generations.

* When, through this "scanning," the information is found, it is "revived" and brought to the present as evidence that there is truly "something wrong with me."

* Since healing is an automatic natural process, when a certain vibration takes place it is expected that all the rest of the system—especially the rational mind, being the part that usually makes decisions - will support it. However, in our culture, our mind isn’t ready to deal with cellular or ancestral memories, because it was given no information about that when it was programmed. In summary, each time you silently and unconsciously tell yourself that there is something wrong with you; you raise the possibility of illness or unhappiness being "revived" from atavistic files.

This negative self-judgment is a slow suicide!

In her book Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting for You, Lynn Grabhorn describes this process very clearly:
"Self-condemnation, in whatever form, is a comfortable place to be when we don’t want to take any responsibility for our life. We can meditate, sing chants, use crystals and incenses, make special exercises, or make affirmations proclaiming our eternal divinity, but if we go on judging ourselves, inner power and liberation will be mere words. No wish or desire can be fulfilled if you are in a state of self-disapproval. Then you can expect no abundance, inner well-being or good health, and only a bit of joy."

Now that you know a little more about this unconscious powerful pattern, I wish you to be more and more present to it.

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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