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eSeries #10
How to deepen into your neuro-pathways
and de-activate them.

Hello friend,

This is the last lesson of these eSeries. I hope that you have enjoyed them as much as I did. It has been a big pleasure to do them and delivering them to you twice a week.

In the last eSeries #9, I showed you how to find the benefits behind the toxic pattern that hurts you and others. In this lesson, I’ll show you some tools to use once the neuro-pathway has been uncovered to start the de-activation process.

For those of you that want to go deeper into NNR, I suggest you my book “Memory in the cells” and the DVD called: NNR-Neural Net Repatterning where you have 3 hours of practical explanations and exercises.

Coming from the journey into the pain body, we can explore the unconscious beliefs that create the contractions and coming from a more mental investigation, we can foresee the pain that is created as a result of believing an unconscious toxic belief. As CMR facilitators we teach this work to our clients during the private sessions and after few sessions they do it without any of our help.

Exercise - Run your own neural pathway

  1. Uncover the unconscious assumptions and the links between the beliefs
    We become aware of the whole neuro-pathway looking for the benefits with the presence and curiosity of a child. This is what we did in the last eSeries #9.

  2. Bring light to the roots and deepest causes if needed.
    Even though the story is mostly irrelevant, bringing light onto the cause of the wound can be the catalyst for great transformation. The child created a self image based on very important assumptions and decisions following what was going on then.
    After reading the chain of beliefs backwards a few times to bring awareness, we may ask some questions like:
    Do I recognize this pattern? Is it familiar to me? How do you see active in my life? Where is this coming from? Where did I learn it? What’s the earliest memory I have of having it? Is there anything that led me to believe this? Who was involved in this experience?

    As the file starts opening, we will find what unconscious assumptions that person made inside her mind at that early age.

  3. De-activate the assumptions and the chain of beliefs created unconsciously.
    Once we find the origin and the unconscious connections that support the beliefs, we ask some more questions to verify if we want to keep believing it or we choose not to.
    Is this belief true? Is it real? Is it something I would teach to a child as a teaching for life? How do I feel when I believe it? Does anyone benefit from it? A real, genuine benefit? What would my life be like if I no longer believe this belief? What would my words or actions be like if I no longer believe them?

Write down these answers and journal about your inner discoveries. Just the awareness of it can be transformational.

I wish you the best in this inner journey. I am preparing a series of follow up lessons and exercises to send you twice a month. I hope you will enjoy them.

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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