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eSeries #1
We are made of pure energy

To be able to heal ourselves we need to understand that the universe is made up entirely of energy.

Everything happens within the energy field of the universe, and all that exists is part of it. In the last decades, science has demonstrated what many teachings of old cultures have been saying for thousands of years, namely, that what we call the physical world or the manifest universe is not made up of solid matter, but of energy as its basic component. The entire universe is made up entirely of that energy. Time and space are the dimensions along which that energy moves. Everything we know is composed of energy, either in the form of matter or of radiation. One of the most striking characteristics of energy is its ability to remain constant. Until now, the creation or destruction of energy could not be observed or proven. Thus, energy is the fundamental principle that gave origin to the universe, as it has all the needed qualities for this purpose. The things we see, smell, taste, hear and touch seem to be solid, liquid or gaseous, and also seem to be separate.

Quantum physics allows us to observe them minutely and in much more detail, in their atomic and subatomic levels. At those levels, what seems to be solid, liquid or gaseous matter becomes a group of ever smaller particles which are within other even smaller particles, and so on and so forth, until one realizes that everything is simply pure energy.

Quantum physics has discovered that even the most dense and solid element, when analyzed to an infinitesimal level, is not what it appears to be. Scientists subscribing to the new paradigm affirm that any visible or touchable element, when reduced to the level of its particles, is no more or no less than 99.99 percent empty space. The notion that an element or object has a given position, mass or speed is then the result of a false perception. In brief, any created object is an energy skein largely composed of empty space and of particles whose state cannot be determined, since they are constantly coming into existence or going out of it. Now, since we are part of that universe and are also made up of fluctuating and changing energy, everything within us - and around us - has that same quality of energy. We are part of an immense sea of energy that is constantly changing and pulsating between a state of existence and non-existence. If all is energy, and this energy has a different density according to the frequency in which it vibrates, then our thoughts, which are a relatively light and subtle form of energy, are a speedy and easily changeable energy-form. A stone, on the other hand, is made up of a relatively much more dense energy and is therefore less likely to be changed.

Exercise - We are all energy

Now, stop a while to perceive your body and the things surrounding it and become aware that your body is alive.

You don't need to move your legs or your arms to recognize that they are alive. Just feel their presence there. Gradually do the same with some other parts of your body.

The cells of your body have been alive all this time while you were reading and thinking. Your body has been alive and functioning since day one without you noticing it. Take your time to realize that there is an incredible intelligence that operates your body and the bodies of all creatures in creation.

Breathe deeply while you became more and more aware of this eternal situation. All is energy, manifested in different forms and in different states and frequencies. Close your eyes and imagine that you are submerged in a vast ocean of energy. Let yourself be part of it. Breathe, you are aliveā€¦

I hope that you enjoyed our first e-series. In the next to come, I will share with you how we can use this knowledge to balance our energies towards a more enjoyable, healthy life for ourselves and those around us.

In awareness and healing,

Luis Diaz

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